Childhood Days In Quarantine Through Valeria Docampo’s Illustrations

Driven by the desire to capture the poetry of everyday things, Valerie Docampo’s work with children’s book illustrations, has given a new life to many a childhood stories. Living in Lyon, France, this Argentinian-born illustrator has been doodling her days in quarantine, through the eyes of her little daughter.

From cutting her hair herself, talking to a snail, learning how to swim in a bathtub, washing her hands a thousand times a day, drawing her friends, forcefully wearing a mask all day, becoming her own best friend, unhappy about not going to school, role playing in different costumes, rummaging through maps, celebrating Easter through the window, playing with grandpa and granny virtually, going to the movies in the next door room, transporting to another place with her book, having her party with her neighbours at their windows, to finally solving the puzzle of the lost socks, this little girl’s everyday musings amidst a prolonged lockdown are poignantly narrated through her mother’s ingenuous illustrations.

Here’s what Valerie Docampo’s daughter’s days look like in quarantine.









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