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March 2021

We Never Knew – He Was One Of Us

WE NEVER KNEW – HE WAS ONE OF US We are often asked to stay vigilant Danger lurks everywhere But what happens When danger presents itself as a friend Children often look after themselves They look around and stay safe But when the one who…

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Laughter Leads The Way #BackToSchool

It took a whole year, will take some more than that, but we are finally seeing some semblance of normalcy. People are returning to work, taking mini vacations, catching up with friends, many activities have resumed with all the precautions in place, and so have…

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#WorldWaterDay – Every Drop Counts

EVERY DROP COUNTS The lips of children are parched India is parched Water that is part of us Is still scarce for drinking Children walk barefoot Across the desert than India has become Searching for water Sadly, unlike camels The children couldn’t take back gallons…

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