Making transport hubs safer for children

We keep children safe and enable them to stay in a nurturing family environment where their rights are ensured and fulfilled. We will build safety nets and develop programmes and services to the highest standards to protect vulnerable children traversing through transport hubs, at risk of running away or being lost to the streets, ensuring an improved quality of life.

Our work began at railway stations in India, reaching and protecting vulnerable children accessing the railway network. As the canvas of child rights in India evolved, so did our work. Changing circumstances pushed us to adapt and address the needs of children in newer and more challenging circumstances, scaling our work to bus terminals and neighbouring communities, acting and intervening for children in a crisis, working closely with families to strengthen and equip them, while continuing to strengthen our existing work. 

Providing safe spaces at transport terminals for vulnerable children 

As the appointed resource partner for the Indian Railways, our on ground team in collaboration with transport officials are able to reach children arriving alone on platforms as fast as possible and early in their journey, before they get caught in a cycle of exploitation and abuse. They are first brought to a place of safety – our Child Help Desks to address their immediate needs, build their trust and determine next steps. Our adept teams spend time with children, gaining their trust and providing a safe place to stay while also assessing the child’s vulnerability, in addition to working out the best short-term and long-term solution for their individual needs. From the first point of contact we provide access to immediate help at transport hubs, and along with the existing child protection systems (Child Welfare Committee, Child Care Institutions, District Child Protection Units) we work to reintegrate children. 

Increasing skills and capacity to better protect more children

We train transport staff, police, the Railway Protection Force and others working in and around transport hubs to quickly spot vulnerable children and get them to safety so we can start supporting them. It’s all part of our commitment to creating child-friendly stations.  

Rebuilding families to keep children safe with parents

Alongside rescuing children from transport hubs, we reunite families and support them to stay together. Where children are at a heightened risk of separation, we tackle the issues that led to separation, build the resilience of the families, by referrals and linkages to social security schemes and services, emotional guidance to improve the parent-child relationship and facilitating positive parenting.

Alternate family-based care 

Sometimes families are not the safest option for children or it’s not possible for a child to return to their family.. in such cases we ensure children are moved to the best possible environment to keep them safe in the short-term and for them to flourish in the long-term. We explore strengthening alternative, family-based care options for children in need of short or long-term shelter with the goal to rebuild a secure future. / We will always seek to reintegrate children back with their families or extended families, but when children need somewhere safe to stay, we will endeavour to ensure that alternate family-based care is available to them or refer them to child care institutions.


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