Strengthening the evidence base

For us to influence change at a national level and to achieve real impact at scale, it is also critical that we can evidence the impact of our services on the well-being of children and their families.

The data available about children in street situations has been extremely limited, owing to children being overlooked in terms of public funding, development programmes and as a priority across contexts. Our decades of work has allowed us to evidence effective and sustainable safeguarding solutions for street-connected children, demonstrating how we transform childhoods and the true impact of these interventions on their lives and their families. Building outstanding evidenced services enables us to establish programme models and practice that can be replicated.

We continue to work with government systems and bodies, sharing evidence of successful models of work to be able to able to put child protection on the map.


Influencing a coordinated multistakeholder child protection net – Convergence across the Delhi-Howrah network

Despite existing child protection mechanisms, children are increasingly transiting through the Indian rail and bus networks in high numbers. The problem is desperately acute on the Delhi-Howrah mainline network which is a major source of transit and lacks a coordinated child protection net. We are building a standardised child-friendly transport network model across the Delhi-Howrah transport network that can be replicated across the Indian Railway Network, and potentially extended or adapted to other transport networks. This innovative programme enables the railways and child protection stakeholders to collaborate and coordinate to activate child protection mechanisms and protect and restore children back to their families or alternate family-based care.

Bringing children’s voices to the fore – Research and knowledge management 

We ensure children’s views and voices sit at the heart of our research and evaluation. Our participatory action research are aimed to include children, families, child protection authorities and NGOs to review our programme models and share feedback on ‘what is working’ and ‘what is not working’. This we believe makes intervention and action for children more inclusive, robust and effective. 

Co-creating solutions and encourage collaboration

Child protection is everybody’s business, and it can be achieved if we come together from across sectors to collectively find solutions for children. We anchor state and national consultations with like-minded organisations working with street connected children to combine our respective data on street-connected children and their experiences, to build stronger evidence and deliver sharper solutions for children.


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