Inspired Humans of New York, the digital chronicle “Humans of Bombay is renowned among netizens for capturing the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai through its countless heartwarming stories and pictures. Running in a similar fashion but brimming with adoring stories aplenty is the page Little Humans of Bombay. This captivating page unveils the diverse and untold stories of Mumbai’s youngest residents—its children. Each narrative of the page is a dose of positivity and reminder of the naivety, creativity and the unique perspective of childhood.

Presented below are 5 stories from the page, which give an insight into the other wonderful gems of the Little Humans of Bombay. Take a peek!

1. Seeing Positivity in the Sight of Plight

When monsoons can delight the heart but not break the spirit, it becomes endearing and enlightening both at once.
“I love Monsoon like a free bird, love to dance in the rain with my four best friends chandni, ritika, tahura, dhoulvi. But sometimes due to rain there are hustles too, sometime we face a lot issues to travel from one place to another because of bad road conditions. Its true we get really bothered during monsoon but during the unexpected holidays that we receive from the school due to heavy rainfall, me and my best friends we make really good use of it by playing on the street with paper boats”

2. Dancing the Bullies Away

Acceptance sets one free is an old adage. The beautiful irony, however, is young minds living this adage.
“I want to be a dancer, that was my goal. All my friends asked me how I could ever be a good dancer if I was so fat! I even asked them how they could be so mean.” I was out with them so I became quiet and started thinking about it a lot while they kept on talking to each other.

Shouldn’t real best friends be the first people to support us and believe in us?

If I became a famous dancer, wouldn’t I make them proud too? And just when I thought everyone didn’t believe in my ability…one of the guys said he believed that I could do it! He defended me and said he had seen me dance and knew I was really really good! I never thought he was my close friend until that day. That incident made me realize that he was the one I can trust out of all my friends and now he is my best friend!”

3. Bright Smile Hiding a Pressing Issue


Smiles routinely conceal scars, but when it’s the smile of a child’s innocent face, the scars often leave a life-long impact.

“My parents keep fighting at home and that is why I usually walk on eggshells when I am at home. I don’t want to get my father any more angrier than he is or be the reason they fight. I pray that nothing unfortunate happens some day, because there have been times where everything gets very out of hand. My father gets angry with my mother and starts beating her. She has a job – as a maid at people’s houses and I see her work so hard every day. He also has a job but he still beats her at any opportunity out of pure anger and hatefulness, never with a proper reason. He doesn’t need to answer to anyone else. We live in a house with 6 people like my chachu and chachi live with us. He beats her in front of them and they don’t care to stop him. I can’t talk about this more because if I go home and if he knows I’m late from tuitions he will start a fight with her about it.”

4. Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge

 Friendships are the best part of one’s childhood, only getting better with time and experiences. The only thing better than these friendships is the smiles one sees reflecting them.“Hum log har cheez “Sath Sath” karte hain.Mummy bolti hai life mein dosti sabse important hain. App bhi “Best Friends” ho kya?

5. One for the Love of Siblings


The bond of siblings gives lifelong memories, best captured in photos that bring this bond to life.

“If I tell him I’m tired after a long day of school and tutions – he’d just fold his legs and ask me to put my head in his lap and go to sleep. He never says anything loving, he shows me he loves me through his actions. When in a bad mood, I just tell him to stop irritating me.