#BackToSchool – You Will Have To


“Elementary school and up, looking to open soon”

The news narration rung in Rohit’s ears

With a certain fear and maybe hope too

He quickly gazes at the chest under his bed

He remembered neatly arranging

The new notebooks and pens

Sleek folders and name tags

He remembered how his mom

Had ironed his clothes months ago

Waiting to hear back from school

Now that they have announced this

Rohit feels a weight on his chest

The weight that is crushing the butterflies in his stomach

The eager wait to go to school has ended

Hope is filling his body with chills

But the weight remains

The virus was still there

Still fooling our minds with hope

One week of no cases seemed so great

Only to then be followed by an outburst


He wanted to go

He knew that in his soul

He saw his mom trying to avoid his gaze

Since the news had come

While she had been waiting for school to open

“maybe that will cheer Rohit” she thought

Looking back into the duller months of life


She couldn’t not face him anymore

He was her child and she knew it was now he needed her most

She walked into his room with a similar

Small chest

He looked up quizzically at this chest

“more stationary? To a school I cant go back to?”

“you can” she said

“and this is how”

She laid the box and allowed him to wonder

Beneath the chest

Lay neatly arranged

Like his uniform and his stationary

It was even colour coded

Masks, sanitizers, shields and soap


“ go” she said

“one day you will have to”

The weight of fear

Somehow seemed lighter


Nandhitha Babuji is a 18-year-old aspiring poet from Tamil Nadu, passionate about using her words to show solidarity against children’s issues.

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