Childhood has a million faces. 440 million of whom live in India.

Behind every child’s face is a story to be told – of pain and playfulness, abuse and achievement, love and loss, misery and mischief, fear and failure, often unnoticed and unwritten, waiting to be heard and told. Faces of children, tell their own unique stories… It could be a scar on a cheek, a glint in the eyes, a deepened brow, a harshened frown or a toothy smile… each association conjuring up a story in the mind’s eye.

Starting this Children’s Day, we bring to you #BehindEveryFace, an attempt to uncover and discover the story behind every child’s face, that is waiting to be told. By shaping the loftier narrative of childhoods in India and giving a space to everyone to share their stories of younger days, we aim to build a collection of children’s stories, that are testament to their lives.

It is our hope that these stories will arouse in you compassion and the will to take action, bringing children to the forefront of global consciousness and dismantling the common narratives of children in today’s India. Use #BehindEveryFace to get your childhood story featured!