Summers end and so does playtime. The dreary monsoons ensue bringing along with them the back-to-school season. After being forced to school-from-home behind LED screens for close to two years, the reactions to resuming physical school may be mixed today. However, the unforgettable thrill of meeting friends after a long gap, the excitement belying the grand mystery of the new class teacher, and the fuss of having to leave the freedom and abandon of vacations behind continue to persist among students even today.

Who better than the classic, unfailing Calvin & Hobbes to introduce (for the young) and revisit (for the young at heart) this treasure of emotions!

Let’s take a look at the many times when Calvin captured the roller coaster of feelings that rule the back-to-school season. Fair warning: at the mention of the word school, Calvin doesn’t feel the butterflies flutter as much as he feels the fury rise!

That feeling when you know school is starting the next day… 

The debate on why we ever have to go to school. 

Calvin’s fuss vs. Mom’s persuasion skills

The most dreaded – HOMEWORK. 

Early morning pre-school negotiations

Trying to skip the bus stop.

Meeting that one annoying friend who looks forward to school. 

Wishing hard for no school. 

Yearn for Vacations, Get Bored in Vacations, Fuss when School Starts, Yearn for Vacations—The Cycle Repeats

The everyday reminder for school – the alarm clock.