In the last decade, the world has seen a massive development in modern technology. The world has been taken storm by visionary communication platforms. The first of them was Facebook, which gradually shifted to the now prominent apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok. These social media platforms have become an essential part of the life of a present-day individual. All sorts of companies and organizations use social media to advertise, and people use it to keep in touch with their friends and family as well as to meet new people and explore their interests. Though perhaps the most significant users of social media would be children.

It’s a well-known fact that the childhood of a modern day child is very different from a child twenty years. Social media and other such platforms have become huge parts of their lives. The notion of childhood has become heavily ingrained with the use of social media. Parents and teachers have constantly been searching for a way for kids to balance their real lives with their virtual ones. But with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, it may not be that easy anymore. With everyone being obligated to remain indoors, children will have to rely on social media to keep them occupied, because there is no other source of play. This pandemic will have brought on the biggest shift in the playing field yet, and the creative designer Ranganath Krishnamani (Liquid Ink on Instagram) depicts these shifts through a series of moving illustrations.

From learning to balance a tire to balancing several social media accounts.

Swinging between the real and virtual worlds.

From flying a kite to playing video games with a controller.

From spinning a top to spinning between social media platforms.

From jumping blocks to jumping between social media platforms.

From the synchrony of jump ropes to the balancing of likes.