There are millions of children around the world, struggling to cope with new circumstances. Away from school and adjusting to online classes, locked down at home and unable to meet other people, limited to their bedrooms and unable to express themselves…all of which has been affecting their mental well-being. Voice of youth, a platform for children to share their voices, encouraged children and youth across the world to express themselves through art, illustrations or comics, sending messages of support and kindness with others, taking care of their mental health, and trying to adapt to this new (temporary) normal.

Here are some visual messages by children and youth from across the world.

Kaninica Sengupta, 12, India

“I missed school and I missed my teachers. I was scared of how I was supposed to learn even though our last exams were over. I mostly work out through dance and stretching, and I started practicing meditation. I love to draw comics and I am enjoying doing that right now.”

Clément Herrmann, 17, France

“We think of you.”


Hafsa Yüksel, 18 Germany

“To every healthcare worker working during this difficult time.”

Lorena, 17, Bacău, Romania

“Stay home and take care of yourself.”

Tudor, 12, Iași, Romania

“I wash my hands and I stay home.”

Diitka Laya Kashyap, 14 USA

“You should listen to your heart when making your decision. The mirror image is the inner thoughts of us.”

Valeria Gavenko, 15, Myrnograd, Eastern Ukraine

“All of it will be washed off, no traces left. Though it will be possible only when mankind grasps its faith and perception of the situation.”

Garima, 16, India

“I know we’re going through a tough time, but don’t panic: our efforts won’t go in vain.”