#Communities4Children – A Glimpse Into Our Community Work

With the advent of COVID19, many families lost their livelihoods, resulting in extreme poverty, not being able to afford food, nutrition, housing, education, and other basic social protections. Distressed families and communities led to distressed childhoods, pushing children into a dark abyss of poverty, abuse and exploitation. As an organization invested in child protection, evidence on the ground only validated our belief in investing in families and communities, encouraging collective responsibility for children, and working to build a safety net within the ambit of the community to prevent children from further peril, violence and vulnerabilities.

The last year has been committed to reaching the most vulnerable children and communities, understanding their unique concerns and contexts, providing immediate support, skills and knowledge on how best to protect themselves, and hand holding families and children to brave the storm and come out stronger.

It takes a village to raise a child (and a community to protect it!) This week, get a glimpse into how we do it. Support our work to ensure stronger and safer #communities4children.

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