On 3rd February 2020, our team rescued Paramasivam from the Villupuram Railway Station. We found him roaming around on the platform all alone and so our team member decided to go talk to him. He told us that he bunked his school and has come here to pass his time. When we asked him the reason behind bunking the school, he said that he hasn’t done his homework and because of which he didn’t want to go to school.

After the conversation, we took Paramasivam to the Child Assistance Booth to complete the further procedure and then contacted his parents and asked them to come pick him up. We also held a counselling session, wherein we explained how education and going to school is necessary and how walking around all alone is dangerous for a school going child. His family came and then he was sent home after the completion of the entire procedure.

After constant phone call follow ups which included the psycho social session as well as the counselling sessions, we decided to start with family strengthening support initiative on 11th June 2020. We visited Paramasivam’s house on 6th August 2020, for the family strengthening process and conducted an assessment on the basis of the actual family situation and the issues they’re facing during the lockdown.

During the house visit, we found out that Paramasivam was working as a daily wage painter in order to support his family as the lockdown had serious effect on their family income. Paramasivam told us that he is not interested in his studies and was struggling to concentrate properly and would like to do something else instead of studying.  We spoke to his family regarding the same and also explained to them about the various vocational courses and trainings offered by the government and Paramasivam showed interest in Electrical/Fitter/Mechanic trade course.

We contacted the family on 21st October 2020, to make sure that everything is alright and to see if Paramasivam is keen on joining the vocational training course. We also provided them with a grocery kit which would last for a few weeks under the family strengthening process.

We then visited Paramasivam on 4th November 2020 and assisted him with the entire admission process of the vocational course and was successfully admitted to the vocational training centre.