Our team rescued Rani from the Katpadi Railway station. We found her while she was waiting for a train to arrive. She was then taken to the station master and the government railway police to complete the documentation procedure. Then we sent her to the child help desk wherein she told us that she works at the railway station with her siblings. We contacted her parents and asked them to come to take her back home.

Counselling sessions with Rani’s family

During the counselling session with her parents we found out that they belong to a tribal community and were deprived of basic necessities in life. Rani had two sisters and an elder brother, and it was very difficult for the parents to take care of the family. These children would go to the railway stations and trains to sell basic things like safety-pins. None of the kids attended school and the entire family was struggling due to poverty.

How lockdown impacted her family

During lockdown in a phone counselling session we found out that the parents lost their jobs and as the trains weren’t running, there was no income in the family. Our team helped them by providing the basic necessities that would last for a few weeks. Our team also visited them at their home and assured that everything will be alright and provided them with food and grocery kits.

Understanding the importance of going back to school

In the next counselling session, we explained them how sending kids to school will benefit them in the long and how important getting a basic education is today’s world. As Rani wasn’t interest in studying, we explained the importance of education and convinced her to re-join school. We assured them that our team will help them with all the procedures of re-joining school and support the family always.