Where we found him

Another separation story observed when a bangles seller’s son “Kareem” got lost at Ghaziabad Railway Station. Straying around the platform all alone, Kareem was found by our team on the noon of March 15, 2020. After being enquired, our CHD team learnt that he is from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He split-up with his mother who is a bangle-seller and the sole breadwinner of the family, while travelling to Ghaziabad.

Kareem’s milieu at a glance

The child shared that he lost his father due to sickness when he was 4.  And since then his mother is struggling hard to carry out all family needs by working as maid in nearby locality and by selling bangles.

Recognising the problem

Timidly though, Kareem expressed his distress and apprehension, stating how he lost touch with his mother while disembarking the train. The child further stated that he was hungry and thirsty. For his immediate nutritional support, he was provided with a pack of biscuits and water at our child assistance booth.

Lending a Helping Hand

Warmly welcomed to the shelter, the child was introduced to the staff members and other children. He was duly guided and oriented to the daily activities. Not only his food and clothing was looked after, but he was also provided with immediate counselling with the trained psychologist counsellor.

Counsellor observed that Kareem is introvert and stubborn. These behavioural traits might be the result of his pampered rearing.  Keeping this in view, Kareem was constructively engaged through non-formal activity-based learning. He had also been involved in every group conducted by the counsellor to enhance his social learning and help him identify self interests. Apart from personality development, Kareem was also given vocational training to assure a better future.

During his stay at Open Shelter, Kareem developed proximity with one of the caretaker who stated “The child was very much friendly and also listens to us always.” Kareem is an effective learner, he was taking special interest in NEF and computer classes. In one of his counselling sessions, he stated “I like to learn the computer, it’ll help me in future too.” Based on his interest the caretaker was suggested to teach the child some mathematics skills.

During his stay at OSH, after several attempts of conversation with Kareem, our Welfare Officers were able to find out his family whereabouts. Then finally the parents were contacted. They visited the open shelter. After verifying all their documents, the final process of restoration took place.

The foundation for Kareem’s future

Those 3 months that Kareem spent in the open shelter, were constructive in view of his potential. Kareem was keen learner of basic computer skills and showed a quick improvement in it. Despite never being introduced to any school before, he surprisingly developed an interest in NFE classes.  He also learnt about the quantities, basic arithmetic, and formation of English sentences as well as mathematics skills.  He had a chance to explore his creative skills too during his stay in OS.

In order to reassure that Kareem is taken care of back at his parents’ home, on February 05th 2021, our welfare officer contacted his family to enquire about his wellbeing. We are glad to find out that Kareem is safe at home and supporting his family.