The world is always

a hand me down

To the next generation

It will never be new

But we can’t give them something broken


Air pollution

The world that gave birth to the children

Is poisoning them every second

They haven’t seen life

And their trust in the world

Is shattering


Unlike us adults

Children believe too soon

Trust too soon

And fall too soon too

We see the dark veil in the air

And the omen of death it holds

They don’t see it

They don’t know it


16 lakh children died in 2019

Due to air pollution


Death due to accidents

They add speed breakers

Death due to poisoning

Murderer in jail

Death due to pollution

16 lack children in 2019

They all stopped breathing


Is this the world the children will see

For it is no longer a hand me down

Its tartars of broken possibilities

For how will they live

When breathing kills


Nandhitha Babuji is a 18-year-old aspiring poet from Tamil Nadu, passionate about using her words to show solidarity against children’s issues.