InternationalVolunteerDay – Vaishnavi Pillai

I started working with Railway Children India in September 2020 as a content writing volunteer. Initially things were a bit challenging as I didn’t have any prior experience in writing blogs and content, but the communications team was very patient with me. Be it briefing me with the blogs which has to be written or pointing out my silly mistakes and guiding me through all my doubts, RCI has helped me throughout my journey right from the beginning. As writing on particular topics needs extensive research, I have also gained a lot of knowledge too while writing these blogs.

One of the most interesting projects was when I was asked to work on an interview with a student who had developed an E-learning application. I got the opportunity to engage with him and interview him and write a blog about the same which was an interesting experience.

As RCI mainly focuses on child rights and their safety, it made me aware of various rights of the children and taught me about the child safeguarding policies, its implementation and how the entire system works.

Volunteering for a cause and giving your share back to the society and helping them, helps us too and I think everyone should experience this at-least once. I am very grateful to RCI for providing me with such an amazing opportunity and helping me grow as a content writer and an individual.

Thank you so much.

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