Laughter Leads The Way #BackToSchool

It took a whole year, will take some more than that, but we are finally seeing some semblance of normalcy. People are returning to work, taking mini vacations, catching up with friends, many activities have resumed with all the precautions in place, and so have some schools. Many countries around the world have begun reopening their school gates to welcome in children. As much as the onset of the pandemic was a roller coaster ride for parents and children alike, the reopening and back-to-school season is proving to be an adventure for many. Cartoonists, around the world, have tried capturing the various emotions surrounding the back-to-school season in a post-covid world, and might we add the results are hilarious.

From will not go, to cannot wait to go.

Figuring out the way back (to school and normalcy)

Buying brand ‘new’ supplies, literally.

Obsessive Compulsive Disinfection.

Wanna play tag? Sure, lemme get my phone.

The dress code they didn’t want.

Back-to-school presents done right.

Masked. Distanced. Queued.

Talk about scary things!

One-of-a-kind yearbook.

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