#LetsTalkEducation – 5 Insta Mommies Redefine Learning In Times Of Covid

If you are a mother, you are a multi-tasker.

The ongoing pandemic has brought with it more challenges and struggles as schools remained shut, move online and learning for children changed dramatically.

But here are some moms who are adamant to ensure their children continue to learn and thrive, grow and flourish, despite the daily struggles. What’s better is that they share their everyday experiences for the sake of other moms, as they redefine learning for their children in times of covid, creatively finding solutions during a prolonged lockdown.


Having battled covid herself, this mom of 2 has tricks up her sleeve that many others don’t. She candidly shares through her Instagram platform Diaper Drama, her real life experiences and dilemmas about raising her children. From answering difficult questions about the virus, helping her son and daughter cope with staying indoors endlessly, sharing recommendations of books, games, and learning materials that are educative and engaging, she uses her platform to allow other mothers to share their ideas too!

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As most of us brace ourselves for an uncertain period of “home-schooling” many of you have asked for suggestions on a good table & chair set and my most fav has been the Mammut set from @ikeauae which you have spotted on our feed multiple times. This set has been loyal to a fault – over 4 years of innumerable marks from paints, crayons, markers, playdoh, splattered food, tons of glue & so on that have been so easy to wipe down with wet wipes or a damp cloth. This set has taken jovial beatings by my son’s cricket bats & the heavy weight of adults too! It has been such a winner in my eyes, that we just got another set for my moms place too from @ikea.india now that they have the same here and they are delivering it in no time !!! It’s lightweight, super easy to assemble, comes in beautiful colors and does it’s job better than u think! #thediaperdrama #notanad #love #ikea #ikeahack #ikeaindia #homeschooling #quarantine #quarantinelife #earlychildhoodeducation #earlylearning #momlife #toddler #toddlerapproved #parenting #instagram #instamom #recommended #triedandtested #momblog #momblogger #kidsthesedays #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #honestmotherhood #honestlymothering #homeschoollife #sahm #wfh #covid19

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A published author by Penguin India – “All You Need to Know About Parenting”, this enthusiastic mother and blogger answers common questions around parenting. Her live streams address topics such as ‘children and the psychology of behaviour’, breastfeeding, and nutrition for children, while also highlighting the effects of the pandemic on children, sharing mechanisms on how to deal with the same. Like others, her stories feature her children who are testament to her living by the thoughts and ideas she shares.

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We’ve been home 15 weeks today (I think), and it’s impossible to keep the kids constantly entertained. So, a couple days ago, Riaan, Kiara, Toby, Captain America and I went on a picnic, all around the world! Pretend play is a big hit in our household (and comfort is important too – which is why our picnic mat is a mattress), and we set sail to different parts of the world, chatted about them, ate fruits, and pretended to play on all the beaches! How have you been keeping your kids engaged? Kiara and my bags – @stoffastyle Riaan and Kiara’s matching tee’s – @ladorekids Our adorable shoes – @stoffastyle The personalized hats – @thefiestymiss The around the world wallpaper which is the biggest help and has been teaching us so much – @dolcebambinoco #mommydiariesrecommends #pretendplay #notsponsored #pretendpicnic #beachday #mommydiariesblog #momsofinstagram #clickinmoms #toddleractivities #isolationwithkids #stayhomestaysane #isolationfun #quarantinediaries

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Pooja Khanna’s Instagram handle is both refreshing and inspiring. With her long-form stories about her everyday experiences with Norah, one can tell that she is not only sharing her knowledge on special needs children but also working towards creating an inclusive environment and thriving as an active advocate. This interior designer by profession seeks immense joy in parenting her daughter, that comes through in almost every post. From learning how to speak in sentences, tactile reception and perception, sight reading, working on medek exercises, she is busting myths, stereotypes and labels that children often carry from their childhood into adulthood.

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Education During a Pandemic— . There is a huge debate about screen time and online education. This is how I see it, no one predicted this pandemic. We are all entitled to our opinions but when things change drastically, we also need to learn to adapt to make the most of a given situation. . When we went under lockdown, we were very sure of one thing— we won’t stop stimulating Norah and helping her with all her needs. These were her physical,emotional and her cognitive needs. . We had already started with therapies at home with the right guidance but cognitively I could only help Norah as much as I was capable of. Here too I reached out for guidance to do something she enjoyed doing before lockdown. I also wanted to increase her interaction with another person who would teach her apart from us at home. I reached out to her @tickleright teacher and one of her favourites now @munirasaheb_dattani Munnu Aunti. . At first I was apprehensive if she would sit through class because they do a lot of things in 45 mins. . But I was amazed with her ability not only to sit through the class but to be interactive and enjoy the class. The topics we have covered over the past few weeks have been so interesting— from science experimentations to Encyclopedic Knowledge to singing songs in different languages to studying bones in the human body (I know right!!!) to going around world (this one blows my mind everytime!!) This Sky is the limit for Norah in this class. . When a 3 yr old child is being exposed and stimulated with so many topics online and is INTERACTING BACK and HAVING FUN, why would I doubt that kind of education? . If I am able to give Norah the joy of learning from home and have social interactions the best way we can in the given situation, why would I not be pro screen time and online education? . . This is what we do with our screen time—- Swipe and watch snippets of our zoom session!! . Vivek and I take turns to sit in class because it is just that interesting to learn something new every week with Norah!!💖 . . Norah’s zoom class- @tickleright Norah’s teacher – @munirasaheb_dattani . #changingthefaceofbeauty #norahmittal #powerofbelief #learningathome

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This celebrity mommy blogger uses her Instagram platform to discuss children, parenting and family issues with a view to bring about a positive change. From relevant topics like homeschooling, impact of gadgets and screen time, keeping children from sexual abuse during lockdown, Tara reinvents parenting in current times, and discusses at length challenges that come with new age parenting through her show – The Tara Sharma Show.

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Start of another week of #homeschooling and #workingfromhome today our kids @roopaksaluja and Tia gave me a hiii with a slight smile well sort of haaha for anyone who remembers the finger R showed me in response to my perhaps slightly annoying hiii haaha a few #Mondays ago you will see that my candid videos get mixed responses haaha 😜… Must say kudos to #schools for helping us all by setting routines and keeping our #children occupied and #learning . As #parents I admit it is an adjustment as it is for the #teachers and for #kids too. Sometimes although our kids are quite independent they do ask a lot of questions and I sort of feel overwhelmed sometimes but between the 2 of us, R and me we manage to settle them but I admit there are various degrees of #chaos that our #home sees each day haaha! Guess all of us are doing our best in these new situations so just a virtual hug to anyone out there having a hectic or tough morning with trying to balance it all. Have a super #Monday all #mondaymotivation #stayathome #stayppositive #staysafe

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Mansi Zaveri is the winner of the best parenting blog award and a true believer in explore-to-learn. Based out of Mumbai, this mom of two took no time in combining her passion for the digital medium and her parenting journey to become a mom-entrepreneur leaving behind her corporate life to start Kids Stop Press. With a knack to start top of mind conversations, her platform reaches millennial mothers who have burning questions about parenting. She brings up current challenges like the pandemic, through videos, comics and her own experiences too.







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