#MakarSankranti – He Will Make The Skies Hide In Shame


He was always looking

His eyes glossy with tears

As they had been straining

He had forgotten how to blink

His eyes closed now

The pain soothes away

Yet he keeps seeing

Through his closed eyes

The man measuring the coloured paper

The boy looks up

shoving his four-rupee coin onto the counter

faltering because his eyes are not at the counter

fixated on the colour sheet

big cut up square

his eyes tracing the bends he will make

the curves he will make

but his eyes do it for him

like how the shadows dance before the music


Today was his day

His father still had no money

No money from his no job

His mom still debated over

Whether they needed for tomatoes or onions

In the store while deciding which to give back

For the blunt corners of the rupee note

Were piercing her heart and her shopping bag

Allowing things to fall out into the counter

For the rupee note did all that

But didn’t give her what she needed

Today was beyond all that

The boy he didn’t care about the empty vessels

He’d see at dinner table

For he will be content with flying his thoughts

The kite he shall build

With so much care

For it was the magic carpet

For his thoughts and dreams

May atleast them see the city from up above

Where its magical

And not form the streets of the rich men lane

Where he felt shame

No magic

But today it was to change


Under the shade of the coconut tree

He sat with his friends


Shielding their kite-making secrets

From one another

While the competition shall arise in the air

Between the little children laughter and love is born

some kites will cut the others

some will win and some might not

yet there won’t be any tension in the air to cut


today was his day

his kite

his paper cut fingers

all his

but, stolen sticks from his mother’s broomstick

it was his day nevertheless


the terrace was scalding hot

but his feet were clenching their teeth

since today was important for him

and his burnt feet will not be in the way

he looks from side to side

his friends on their terraces


one two three up

the kites flew up

so many one would wonder

if it was colours in the blue sky

or if the blue sky hiding behind

behind the colours in shame

it hid and watched the colour show

the kites flew higher and higher

some were cut down

the boy cut his friend’s


but before the kite could fall

his friend had jumped over

and stood by his side now

as many kites fell

the terrace had more than just two scalding feet

his kite was now among his friends

sharing the feeling of flying


only one red kite was soaring

the sky still hid itself

for it was the red that reigned

he watched it glide in the lightness of air

in that moment he knew


that his house could have

no money or food

but as he saw the red kite glide

he knew his problems too

were as light as the air

waiting to be cut across

by him





Nandhitha Babuji is a 18-year-old aspiring poet from Tamil Nadu, passionate about using her words to show solidarity against children’s issues.

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