No matter the forum or discourse around climate change, children naturally become its focal point. For they are the generation set to inherit a problem, which was not of their making. While some children have taken to the street or stood on podiums voicing their concerns, there are others who have grabbed their pens, paintbrushes and crayons to depict the worrying picture of climate change on their canvas. Here is a collection of artwork created by children that sheds light on the many facets of climate change and its impact.

Mustofa, India

Created by 11-year-old Mustofa, this picture depicts his concerns about the Sundarbans and its threatened inhabitant the Royal Bengal Tiger. With the green cover of the Sundarbans under decline, the Royal Bengal Tiger is also seeing a veritable decline in existence. In Mustofa’s words, “In this picture, the Bengal Tiger is looking for greenery, wanting to get out of the prison-bound frame, because he can’t live there.”

Renee, USA

In her words, Renee describes her artwork “The silhouette of a figure in my painting represents the governments’ and global businesses’ idle hold over the world.” This stifling hold renders the future generation helpless and pleading for good sense to prevail.

Namfon, Thailand

A world that could be. Fifteen-year-old Namfon from Thailand urges all to save the planet with a thought-provoking artwork. Holding a mirror with his art Namfon show both the possibilities that could become of our planet—a green and thriving abode or a barren, desolate stretch of land.

Dave, Philippines

Dave from Philippines makes a case for solar energy with this reaffirming artwork. “Through this simple artwork, I personally was able to express my message on climate change, specifically about solar energy.” We see a blazing sun, not only happy to be a source of energy but also plugged in to brighten the landscape.

Guzel Ramilevna, Russia

This picture by Guzel Ramilevna, 13, Russia is a heart-wrenching depiction of the impact of melting ice caps. “In my picture the penguin is losing its family members as the ice suddenly broke. They cry to each other but they have drifted so far that their voices cannot be heard.” Furthermore to the captivating description, the child urges Russia’s citizens to think about little animals who are facing the wrath of the adults’ choices.

Sonia, Kenya

Sonia from Kenya depicts a dire situation that may seem distant from reality but is indeed closer home than it seems. “Let’s put in a joint effort to reduce the carbon in the air and please invest in biodegradable resources.” With this wise message, Sonia makes an important call to action.