#SchoolAttack – Always Running.




He was walking to school

Dragging the heavy backpack

Tailing behind his sister

She kept walking faster and faster

He tried catching up

Running behind eyes squinting to the sun

‘go away, my friends are almost here’

She screamed whispering to him

He got the sign


It is harder than one thinks

To find your friend, when the heads you can see

Line just fine

The little boy strapped his backpack tighter

‘last running strike’

He thought his focus on his friends standing further away

Huffing and puffing her ran

Sweat greasing his brow

‘I made it !’ he said

His face sweating and reddening



Blood streaking the classrooms



134 Children

‘last running strike’ he had said


Far away another girl was walking

Counting her steps in fives

Undoing her pleats as fast as she could

And trying to press down her hair into submission

Her mother never understood

The difference pleating did

How it started that one day

When he didn’t knew her name

And called her ‘pigtails’ instead

She ran cramming her hair into her neck

Better be there before and hide

Like the dust settling on the classroom chairs

No body notices

Yet for some reason she doesn’t go unnoticed

The time was nearing

Nearing to the end of the day

‘last running streak’ she whispered

Braiding her hair back for her mother

Tying her laces to run



Your school


Thousands of children

‘last running streak’ she said.



Will it only be when blood was drawn

Will it only be when she had to hide like the dust

When will it be that it is safe?


Why were the words

‘last running streak?’


Nandhitha Babuji is a 18-year-old aspiring poet from Tamil Nadu, passionate about using her words to show solidarity against children’s issues.

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