Transforming lives through training Indian Railway officials

The training was very informative and clear in making us understand the need for protecting children and our roles as per the laws and Standard operating procedure.

Mr. R. Selva Kumar

These were the line said by one of the participants who attended the capacity building initiative by Railway children India team member at one of the railway institutes.

Today I am going to write few words on How Railway Children India in collaboration with the Indian railway is doing the capacity Building of Railway officials on Child rights, Child protection, and related laws in the context of Railways SoP and Guidebook for the Year 2018- 2019.

During my childhood, some activities were very close to my heart. I had complete freedom to enjoy those activities. I was fortunate to take birth in a family where I got unforgettable love and affection from my family members. Today, I am a middle-aged man, and am happy in my little world where I have my life partner and a lovely daughter.

The first step to combating the magnitude of this issue was with the issuance of Standard Operating Procedure to ensure the Care and Protection of children in contact with Railways by the ministry of Railways in March 2015. The sop guidelines established child protection mechanisms at around 88 stations in India.

An Integral component to establishing the child protection mechanisms at railway stations is through the people who realize it. Railway protection force (RPF), Government Railway Police (GRP), Commercial and operating officials form the backbone to this system and are key players in the child protection system at railway stations.

Railway Children India’s objective of this training programme is: –

  • To Impart training to Railway officials on issues and concerns of Vulnerable children in contact with railways and understand clearly the Juvenile Justice system (Including JJ act 2015 and POSCO act) The guidebook.
  • Orient them on their roles and responsibilities as listed in the Guidebook.

The content of the capacity building programs is very clear, they cover the following information: –

  1. The legal age of a child in India
  2. Child rights and Child protection issues at the station
  3. Legal framework on Child protection with special focus on The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) act 2015
  4. Presentation of Railways SOP and Guidebook
  5. Pre and post-assessment of knowledge of Trainees

Railway Children India has adopted participatory and interactive methodologies to make the training more effective. They also use lecture-based methodologies, case studies, group discussions brainstorming session.

These capacity-building programs have trained /Oriented around 9196 Railway Officials on child protection from June 2018 to May 2019 and the process is continuing.

I am sure by the next 5 years with this capacity building programs in place, will create child friendly stations.

Long live Indian Railways and Railway children India

The author is the part of the Railway children India team and had taken part in many Training’s sessions conducted by Railway Children India’s strategic alliance team.

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