URGENT: Please Help Us Reach Children & Families At Risk From Covid

You will have seen the tragic situation in India on the news as a second wave of the Covid pandemic is sweeping across the country causing absolute chaos. Millions of people are infected, thousands are dying daily, and the healthcare system is completely overwhelmed. Our teams there are desperately trying to do what they can to keep the children and families we work with safe, but it is a huge challenge. This short message from our CEO Navin Sellaraju explains…

For many of us who have taken the vaccine and live in safe homes, worry of the future isn’t as daunting as it is for many others. The virus continues to destroy their lives and livelihoods and we need your help to keep them safe. Our teams have identified 6010 families, with 18,000 children, that need our support now.

A donation from you now will help our emergency response team reach them before the virus does.


With your continued support we can protect the most vulnerable people in India when they need us most. Find out more about our emergency response in India here.

Thank you.

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