#WorldDisabilityDay – Painting The Sky Green

He dreamt.

For only there

He could walk.


Midwives will tell you tales

Of rows of babies

Like lined potatoes

Yet each one smiled different

And cried so too


Yet at the age of 4

The potatoes are grouped together

Some round ones

Some oval ones

One with legs and smiling faces

Go to big schools

While the ones with none

Go places we don’t know

Or don’t try to know


Is childhood a seesaw

Where unable to do

Weighs you down

And you see the other child

Gazing at the sky

While you gaze at him gazing


Is childhood a seesaw

where to see the skies

you are judged by your flailing legs

not the eyes that see


yet somehow this seesaw does magic

for when a girl who can’t sing comes

she can see the sky

her voice doesn’t fail her like your legs do

and then a boy comes

who can’t draw

yet his hands let him to see the sky


he talked to his legs

with care and love

with bleeding eyes of tears

and his working hands begging

“move please” he cried,

“just once”

“I want to see the sky”


He lay awake at night thinking

Thinking if when he prays earnestly

Would he be able to dream what he wants


He dreamt

For only there

He could walk

And maybe then

The seesaw will take him high

To see the sky


And we think

Why in a world with the sky so wide

A child needs to walk to see it

Yet he never realised that

No matter how his legs were

He could always paint his own damn sky

And it doesn’t have to be blue

It could be yellow and red

And different



Yet his mind blossoming

With a new sky everyday


Yet equal.


Nandhitha Babuji is a 18-year-old aspiring poet from Tamil Nadu, passionate about using her words to show solidarity against children’s issues.

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