#ZeroTolerance4FGM – Crimson Bleeds Through The Gowns


Her mom had told her

About what happened to her years ago

And to her mother

And her mother

Years of lineage

Marked by horrid pain

‘Had only those scars

Been on my face’

Her mother would say

Only had they been

Scarred red on their faces instead

Maybe then

The world would’ve stopped to look

But hidden by their gowns

And cloaked by patriarchy

Women could only whisper

‘the day after

I’d look at the others

All of their gowns

Muffling their cries

I could only look

Look at their faces

Some of them veiled

Some of them not

But pain blinded our sights’


But the veil has been lifted

Those gowns can hide the scars

But nothing can chide our voices

Education and freedom

Go study my girl child

It’s about the books

And not about the blades


We bleed now

As nature depicts

And no longer as man or society does.


We bleed now

Every month

Remembering the children I can bear

Or the children I might not


That it is my choice.


Nandhitha Babuji is a 18-year-old aspiring poet from Tamil Nadu, passionate about using her words to show solidarity against children’s issues.

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