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Our Approach

We believe that no child should ever be forced to live alone and at risk on the streets or railway platforms. We want to be able to reach as many children as possible and make a real, lasting difference to their lives. We believe that the more people who help us, the greater the impact we can have, and the more effective our work will be in helping children stay safe.

We work in three ways to ensure we achieve lasting change

01. At and around the Railway Station

RCI aims to transform stations into child friendly spaces. A team of outreach workers (ORW) are always on their toes at the stations; with the mission to reach out to every child arriving or passing by the station alone. The ORWs are entrusted to ensure the first response to the child’s need, i.e. food, water, medical and counselling support, and so on. The first response centre is located at the station as a Child Assistance Booth, to cater to the needs of every child who are being identified. The work at the station level extends up to sending the child safely to child care institutions (CCI) with a fulfilling promise of reuniting with families and restoration.

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02. In Communities

Children are leaving home and that’s the trigger point for our intervention. We plan to create a safety net within the community, so that none of the children fall out of the safety net and become vulnerable. RC believes in empowering communities and strengthening the existing structures and strictures in the community. Our endeavour is to create the community a safe place for every child by empowering them through our child centric programs.

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03. With Governments

We work with the government to persuade policy makers that children living on the streets should be higher on India’s political agenda and that government policies should provide greater protection and opportunity for them. We also work in an advisory capacity to improve conditions of care and protection in India’s government-run children’s homes.

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