Honesty and Integrity are the core organizational values | Railway Children India

Our Values

Railway Children India shares a core set of values that enable us to achieve our long-term mission. We abide by these in everything that we do in order to ensure the best possible response and outcome for our beneficiaries.

Core Organizational Values



Our work is constantly judged on results and impact and then assessed to ensure maximum return on investment, both in our programme outputs and financially. Every penny of donors’ money is invested with care and attention to detail.



We think outside the box, and are constantly reviewing our work to find new and improved ways of doing the best for our beneficiaries. We are a leader, not a follower and constantly push ourselves to deliver sector leading work.



We are not afraid to push the boundaries, ask the tough questions, try new things or challenge the norm in order to change the world.

RCI-Honesty & Integrity

Honesty & Integrity

We will always act with integrity towards our supporters, partners and peers, acting in the best interests of our beneficiaries at all times.

Values of Working with Children

Railway Children India’s value framework for working with children is a guide for the way things are conducted in the organisation. Values determine the way we define our organisational goals, the way we interact with children, the basis of our network and the way our processes of care and protection function.

We are unyielding in respecting the dignity of a child

For us, the child comes first

We build on the abilities of each child while being aware of his/her limitations

We create an enabling environment that encourages and values the voice and decisions of a child

We know that a child has evolving and resilient capacities

We have a zero-tolerance approach to neglect, abuse and maltreatment of a child in care in protection processes

We ensure that we do not re-traumatise any child

We have zero-tolerance to exploitation of a child

We nurture the individuality of a child by investing in diverse resources and opportunities

We form an authentic and empathetic relationship with each child

We are non-judgemental of a child

We believe that a child should experience permanence in shelter, health, education, achievement and relationships

We reach out to a child through ever-changing innovative processes which are quality assured

Disclaimer: Please note that the details shared on this website are illustrative of the activities undertaken by Railway Children India, and the change that your donation can make to the lives of children. Railway Children India, based on the needs and requirements on the ground, shall have the discretion to allocate resources to areas that needs/requires funds the most at the time. All donations made to Railway Children India are exempt from Income Tax under as per Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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