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• Our 24hr outreach teams, together with Government Railway Police and the Railway Protection Force, work around the clock to recognise children who are alone and at risk at railway stations.
• We establish 24hr Child Help Desks at each station location offering children at risk somewhere to go for food, water, first aid and advice.
• Our shelters nearby provide short term accommodation for children with nowhere safe to stay. Here they access educational services, recreational, nutritional, health, hygiene and therapeutic support.
• Whenever it is safe to do so we reunite children with their families in consultation with the Child Welfare Committee. If this is not possible we secure a long term care home place for them.
• Support to stop substance abuse and other medical assistance is offered.
• If education is not an option, children are encouraged into vocational training courses and apprenticeship opportunities in order that they can secure and income for themselves in the future.
Every child that is reunited with their family, or settled in to a long term care home placement, is given follow up support for at least a year.

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Reasons for Leaving Home

Children leave or are forced to leave home for a wide variety of reasons, including violence, abuse, poverty or neglect. Many dream of finding work in the cities and a brighter future. Some intend to return to their families with money for food, but end up lost in the chaotic railway network.

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Dangers on the Streets

India’s huge, bustling railway stations are perfect for abusers looking to prey on lonely, desperate, vulnerable children. Children are constantly at risk of sexual abuse, exploitation and violence. Many children resort to drugs and substance abuse to get through each day.

Our Work in India

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