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“We thought we would never see our son again”

Arun was just 14 years old when he got lost while he was playing outside his home in Udaipur, Rajasthan. In his confusion he boarded a train that took him to Sarai Rohilla Railway station where he arrived early in the morning. Luckily he was spotted by one of RCI’s outreach workers terrified and crying inconsolably.

After several attempts at consoling him, the outreach worker discovered that Arun had a hearing and speech impairment.

Arun was taken to our Open Shelter where we made sure he was fed, clothed and cared for while we began to try and trace his family. He was given a mobile phone so he could dial the number for himself but despite repeated attempts to call his father, the phone was never answered. But the team did not give up and kept calling – and after several days the mobile number, which had been previously switched off – was suddenly answered by Arun’s father. It was an old number, but desperate to find his son, the father had decided to put his old SIM card back in the phone in case Arun tried to contact him on that number.

Arun was reunited with his family and there was sheer joy and relief all round. The family are so happy to be back together having feared they would never find Arun again, and he is now continuing in school as a second-grade student.

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